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Installation & Activation

Learn how to install and setup the plugin.


Front-end & Shortcodes

Displaying the plugin on the front-end and the different shortcodes.


Adding Content

Learn how to add new content in the different sections.



Learn how to use the Advanced Event Manager API.


Updates & Backup

How to update the plugin and backup your content



Information about our add-ons and how do they work



Check out our frequently asked questions section


Customer Support

Learn how to properly request customer support


Actions & Filters

Learn how to use Actions and Filters


Javascript Triggers

Learn how to use the javascript plugin triggers



Read the full list of included features.


Plugin documentation & user guide

How to Install & Activate the plugin?


  • Go to your Wordpress Dashboard
  • Navigate to Plugins -> "Add New" -> "Upload Plugin"
  • Click "Browse" and pick the Advanced Event Manager archive and Click "Install Now".

Activating the plugin

After installation click "Activate plugin" and a new menu should appear named "A.E.M".

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Displaying the plugin on the front-end

To get started simply create new Wordpress Page and inside write the shortcode [saem_base].

It's not required to create new page. You can place the shortcode in already existing Wordpress Page

For complete list with shortcodes and attributes check Shortcodes & Attributes

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Adding Content


Before you start creating events you will have to have a Timetable where your events, services and employees to reside.
You can have as many Timetables as you'd like.

Creating Timetable:

  • Go to Dashboard -> A.E.M. -> Timetables
  • In the "Create new timetable" form enter title and timezone for your timetable. The timezone will be associated with your events date and time.
  • Click "Create Timetable" button.


Here reside all your events' services.

Creating Service:

  • Go to Dashboard -> A.E.M. -> Services
  • Click "Add new service".
  • Fill title and description for your service and click "Add Service" button.


Here reside all your events' employees.

Creating Employee:

  • Go to Dashboard -> A.E.M. -> Employees
  • Click "Add new employee".
  • Fill the employee form and click "Add Employee" button.


Creating Event

  • Go to Dashboard -> A.E.M. -> Events
  • Click "Create new event".
  • Fill the event form and click "Create event" button.
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How to use our API

The plugin uses WP REST API v2
Information about the API endpoints and parameters can be found here.

Updates & Backup

The plugin automatically checks for updates every time you log in to your A.E.M. Dashboard.
If there's an update available a button "Download Update & Install" will appear.
Before updating it is recommended to create a backup so your data is not lost if something unexpected happen.

Backing up:

  • Go to Dashboard -> A.E.M. -> Backup
  • Click on "Export Settings" to export your preferences in a file with extension .SAEM
  • Click on "Export database" to export your timetables and their contents to .SAEMDB file


  • Backup (optional but recommended)
  • Go to Dashboard -> A.E.M. -> Home
  • Click on "Download Update & Install". The plugin will start the auto-update procedure. Do not refresh the page while the updater is running.

Customer Support

When requesting support please provide following details:

  • What are the specific characteristics of the problem?
  • What is the website address (URL)?
  • What web browser (and browser version number) were you using to view the webpage? Did you view it it any other browser too?
  • Was there an error message? (If so, include the text of the message.)
  • Did you try any troubleshooting?
  • What is your PHP and Wordpress version.
  • If possible provide WP-Admin and FTP credentials.
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Features List

  • PHP and Javascript Caching. Server side caching is compatible with most Wordpress cache plugins like W3 Total Cache. Uses WordPress Object Cache.
  • WP REST API v2
  • Auto-updater (uses the WP Filesystem API)
  • Backup system
  • Visual Composer integration
  • Multiple views inclding day, week, month, map, grid and more to come...
  • Multi-site ready
  • Responsive
  • Makes use of Action and Filter hooks and includes custom Javascript Triggers for customization purposes
  • Import/Export events to iCalendar format and Google Calendar
  • Recurrent events support
  • Translation ready
  • Reminder
  • Events, Employees, Services single pages. Uses custom Wordpress Posts
  • Extendable via add-ons
  • Staff management
  • Fonts & Colors customization
  • Google maps integration
  • Images slider
  • Location, Employee & Service filters. Filter by keyword.
  • Time indicator (day and week views)
  • View events in user local or timetable time
  • Countdown timer
  • Share links and copy to clipboard button
  • First day of the week can be any day
  • Different date and time formats